Unfortunately I am approaching the big 5-0, I notice the ache and pains a bit more now and it seems like everyday my hair gets thinner.

Well I shouldnt say seems like, it is getting thinner. My hair catcher in the shower can attest to that! Not sure what all i can do about it other than try and stay healthy.

The problem is my job keeps me very busy so trying to eat right can be a challenge. Especially breakfast as i am not an early riser.

So one thing i have been doing is trying out having a smoothie for breakfast in the morning. What i do is prepare it mostly the night before. I leave out the coconut milk and frozen fruit but put in almost everything else.

So all i need to do in the morning is take it out the togo container of the fridge, put in the the blender, add the frozen fruit, i like peaches and strawberries. Then add some coconut milk or almond milk and blend for maybe a minute.

Whats so cool about this, the container is meant to take with you, so all you do it swap out the blade bottom for a togo top that flips open and you just drink from the container!

Talk about convenient! Literally i am out the door with a nutritious, delicious and filling breakfast. Doesnt get any better than that.

Even better than breakfast, is now after i get home from the gym, i can get a healthy dose of protein. There is nothing better than a protein smoothie after a hard workout.

or does it?

What I am now trying is a green smoothie. While these are not as tasty as a healthy fruit smoothie, they are probably better for you! I mean spinach, spirolina and kale. Doesnt get much healthier than that!

The problem I noticed is that my smoothie blender I have been using for my breakfast smoothies, doesnt work all that well for the green smoothies. So i am going to need a new blender.

Luckily, there are lots of blender options available. Not too mention a ton of new recipes to try. I mean, there are literally thousands of recipes to try. And I an determined to try them all!


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