Well been awhile since I have written in my blog and have been doing some research as what hikes I want to do in Vermont. So here are my finds for the best places to hike. Here is the info I have come up with:

Vermont’s landscape is seventy-five percent woods and affords the privilege of hiking in such settings as Mount Mansfield and Haystack Mountain. The splendor of nature offered in Vermont allows the hiker to remove themselves from the cares of the bustling city and once again experience life as was originally intended. Peaceful.

After looking at my hiking equipment I realized that I am in need of a new pair and a new backpack as well. I did some research and found a good list of shoes here, and backpacks here. Hope that helps you when you are looking to replace yours. Anyway, on with my list:

Best Vermont Hiking

  1. Mount Mansfield, Sunset Ridge Trail

The gorgeous Sunset Ridge Trail is a 6.6-mile trek is just 17 miles east of Burlington. It is a challenge, but well worth the amazing views. Make sure you bring some sturdy hiking boots to prevent slipping during to descent. Plan to get quite a workout as you climb and hike through the relentlessly steep mountain. Due to elevation gains of an additional 2,500, the trek can be quite the quest. There is no doubt that you will greatly enjoy the beautiful summits, luscious wildflowers, and alpine plants. In spite of its difficulty, you will have earned the right to boast to all your friends about how you hiked up to the highest peak in Vermont.

Camel’s Hump, Forestry, Dean, and Long Trails Loop

If you are looking for a scenic loop trail, you will love this 7.4-mile hike. With generously spaced out campsites, just about two miles from the peak of the mountain, it is the perfect place for a campout. As you make the trip up 2,600 feet in elevation, you can expect to see a large amount of foliage and uncommon alpine vegetation. You will see spectacular summits and small-secluded pools of water, perfect for a relaxing break to rest your aching legs. The trail is rather rocky and considered to be a difficult hike, perfect for the experienced trekker.

  1. Appalachian Trail: Glastenbury Mountain

This strenuous hike covers 22.6 miles of varied terrain, though the less experienced hiker can take some smaller trail options along the way. The length, diverse terrain, and 2,418-feet elevation, all contribute to the challenge of this unforgettable adventure. Though there are many to choose from, Kid Gore Shelter is highly recommended as a place to set up camp for the night and rest your legs for day two of the charming trail.

  1. Mount Ascutney, Weathersfield Trail

If you are looking for a less challenging hike, Weathersfield Trail is a good fit at 5.8-miles and a 2,100-feet elevation rise. The waterfalls are breathtaking and worthy of a few camera shots. Cascade Falls is not only gorgeous, but it also serves as a launching point for hand gliders. Take a moment to watch some people take on an adventure of their own.

You will be amazed at the divine views from the observation towers. You can see miles of organic nature and gaze upon some snow covered peaks depending on when you visit. This trail allows your canine friends to accompany you, as long as they are on a leash.

  1. Lye Brook Wildreness

Lye Brook Wilderness is considered an intermediate level trail. Most novice hikers could likely handle it, though a significant workout should be expected. It runs 14.6 miles at a rise in 1,900 feet of elevation, so it should be broken up into a two-day hike. This is the best of the best when it comes to views in Vermont hiking trails. Do not be surprised to find moose joining you on your trip or even taking a swim in the ponds or wetlands. They are known to walk freely around this wildlife trail. There are stunning water falls that will catch your gaze and cause you to insist upon taking a short break to enjoy the serene atmosphere. The climax of the trip is reaching the top of Stratton Mountain and climbing up the fire tower to admire the picturesque capacious view of the region.



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