One of my best friends son was about to turn 7 years old and asked me for some advice on what to do for a birthday party. Being a young boy there seems to be a natural attraction to model trains. So I suggested a party featuring model trains.

In my opinion, trains make an exceptional theme for a birthday party for your preferred youngster. The great news is that there are plenty of great party favors and decorations on the market to make your train theme carry through all aspects of the birthday party. If you are looking for some help in selecting the trains for a beginner.

You are able to buy invitations that are fashioned like a train and appropriate for the specific train theme you have in mind. Even old-fashioned steam engines make a appealing setting and theme for little ones who are filled with imagination. You do not need to go over the top on the ornaments for a train themed party in order to get the theme apart but there are some great goody bags that can be made in keeping with the theme.

A train pinata is a good method of getting the kids in on the action and having a good time. You may also choose to have all the little ones dress up as a train engineer for a little interactive fun with your train birthday party idea. You can also choose to play a DVD of your preferred train story for the enjoyment of the little ones and in hopes of a little bit of quiet time before the sugar induced highs of after cake time.

Speaking of cake, there are several cake forms and cake themes that are ideal for train cakes and children’s birthday parties. From the favorite character cakes that are related to trains to other train themes such as The Polar Express there are plenty from which to choose when it comes to the perfect birthday cake for your train themed party. A little cake with a little ice cream and it will soon be time to take a whack at the train themed pinata mentioned earlier.

Most party supply stores should have loads of train themed party supplies. From hats to plates, cups, and napkins there should be plenty of fantastic party supplies to help you convey the train theme of the party with little additional efforts unless, of course, streamers and other party supplies are needed. Your little ones are very special after all and as moms and dads we all want to do our best possible to insure that each party is a special memory fit for a lifetime.

Goody bags have become a more and more important part of birthday parties in modern society. The train themed birthday party lends itself to plenty of train themed goody bag fillers. Among those wonderful items are coloring books, storybooks, puzzles, train whistles (their parents will love you and it is the perfect revenge for the air horn your child came home with), and stickers. This is a great way for your child to give back to those who have given him or her gifts while providing something appropriate to the theme for everyone to remember this particular party by.

If you are looking for somewhat extra for your child’s train themed birthday party you might want to talk to local train companies and see if there is a train museum near by or if you can possibly book a train car or a room at the train depot in which to host the party. This will create a very amazing memory for your little one and everyone that attended the party. Some trains actually run day trips that last a couple of hours. This will be a thrilling party experience for your little one’s friends if you can manage this great escape of a train themed birthday party. You may also talk to those in charge at the train station for ideas and suggestions they may have to make your child’s special day a little more thrilling. Just remember that after a party like this, next year will be a hard act to follow.


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