If you are like me, you probably live in a noisy neighborhood. Since I live in a downtown are it pretty much noisy all the time. Now that I have decided to try and meditate I need to be able to relax in silence.

So one of the first tenants of meditation is finding a quiet area in your house to meditate. But the dilemma is that if its always noisy how to you find a quiet area?

I mean unless you build a sound proof room, its just not possible.

So I did the nest best thing, I brought the quiet to me by using something called noise cancelling headphones. If your not familiar with them, the create a “anti” noise to the ambient noises around you.

So if someone honks a horn, it creates a anti horn noise in your ears that actually cancels it out. Sounds crazy but it really works. If you want to try one, here is a list of cheap but effective noise cancelling headphones.

Some are better than others, the ones I bought are made by JVC HANC250“. They were pretty cheap and effective. I heard the ones by Solitude are pretty good as well.

So anyway, once you put on the headphones you are immediately in silence. So then you can put on some good relaxing meditation music. I personally like classical, mostly Mozart. But thats just me,

So then the next thing you need to do is try and empty your mind of all thoughts. I know easier said than done. So what I do is focus on my breathing. If I just do that and try and not think of anything you start to drift off a bit. Sometimes you may just fall asleep. This is ok.

It just means you are relaxed. But the idea is to just empty your mind of thoughts, when you can do this, you will be meditating.

Its just a total state of relaxation. Give it a try!


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